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We are dedicated to the eternal integrity of the Straight Egyptian Arabian Horse

Welcome and thank you for visiting Enshallah Egyptian Arabians! Enshallah means “God willing” in Arabic and God willing we will be in this business a long time. We love horses, specifically Straight Egyptian Arabians! We met the Straight Egyptian horse through a friend, who owned a beautiful Straight Egyptian Stallion. We went to the Egyptian Event for three straight years to watch this wonderful stallion show and fell in love with this beautiful breed of horses and the people who breed it.

We started out with one filly and could not wait for her to grow up so we purchased three mares and bred to Botswana and had three beautiful fillies the next year. We are on the journey of a life time and enjoying every minute of it!

We have many people to thank along that journey such as Mike Albertini who has been such a wonderful mentor, we would not be where we are today without his help. Also Allison Mehta and Curt Westley for getting us started with these wonderful Botswana fillies and all their advice and encouragement. We board our horses at Chesspiece Arabians with Cindy and Galen Epp who take excellent care of our herd and have become great friends. Then there is Katrina Burch who introduced us to these amazing creations! Good friends are priceless!!

We love the business of horses as well as the horses of our business; we hope that you will love the horses of our business too!


Jerry and Cara Chambers



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